Business consulting and moderated groups for intranet and digital workplace professionals

Our areas of expertise

  • Intranet and digital workplace strategy
  • Intranet roadmap / long-term planning
  • Business case and ROI for new initiatives
  • SWOT analysis and benchmarking
  • Collecting user requirements for a new/improved intranet
  • Social intranet
  • Mobile intranet
  • Insourcing or outsourcing of your intranet
  • The business value of SharePoint
  • Project management, including roll-out and user adoption


ValueIntranet can help you to be successful in your various activities:

  • Create an intranet strategy, roadmap or any other form of long-term plan. ValueIntranet will link your intranet plans to your overall organizational objectives, so that you can show senior management how the intranet will contribute to company goals.
  • Build a business case for a new intranet or digital workplace project; demonstrate the ROI (return on investment) of the project.
  • Run a SWOT analysis of your current intranet and benchmark against industry best practices.
  • Implement a social collaboration platform: Last year’s study by Gartner predicted that 80% of all social business initiatives will fail to achieve the intended benefits. That’s a big number. ValueIntranet has the experience to help you be part of the other 20% !
  • Implement SharePoint 2013: The latest version of Microsoft’s multi-purpose software platform is a popular choice for many intranet upgrade or re-design projects. ValueIntranet helps intranet business owners – often Internal Communications or HR managers – to understand the technology and get maximum value out of it.
  • Strengthen your existing intranet team with a part-time expert on an interim basis, during the critical phases of your project.


ValueIntranet organises and moderates intranet groups in the Benelux. As a member, you will learn from colleagues in similar roles in other organisations. You will discuss case studies, exchange best practices and learn from each other's experience.


Some basic facts about the groups:

  • Audience: Intranet managers, project managers and internal communication professionals.
  • Topics for discussion: Members can suggest topics for future meetings. Typical subjects will be intranet governance, social and mobile intranet, personalisation of intranet content, search, ...
  • 4 full-day, face-to-face meetings per year.
  • Guy Van Leemput, intranet and digital workplace expert, moderates the groups, contributes his experience and invites guest speakers to spark the debate.
  • Group size is kept small (max. 20 participants) to ensure interactive discussion.
  • To ensure a confidential setting free from 'sales pitches', vendors and consultants cannot join.


Would you like to be invited for a trial meeting? Contact ValueIntranet now to learn about dates and venues.