It’s not about technology, it’s about value

ValueIntranet is a young, ambitious company based in Belgium. We focus exclusively on the world of intranets and digital workplace. We help large and medium-sized companies from any industry - including non-profit, higher education and government organisations - to get more value out of their intranet projects.


3 good reasons to work with us

  1. Focus on business, not IT: As the name of the company suggests, we focus on creating business value for your organisation. We do understand technology and are familiar with popular software such as SharePoint, but our approach is not IT-driven. Instead, we help intranet business owners - often Internal Communication or HR managers - to understand the technology and get maximum value out of it.
  2. Independence: ValueIntranet is a completely independent advisor. We do not have any ties to software vendors, implementation companies or other consulting firms. This guarantees that our advice is 100% objective in all its aspects.
  3. Proven expertise: ValueIntranet is led by Guy Van Leemput, an experienced intranet manager and consultant.

About Guy Van Leemput

Guy's focus and passion lie in the world of intranets, digital workplaces and social business platforms. He has more than 10 years of intranet experience both as a corporate intranet manager at SWIFT and as an intranet consultant with the international web and intranet firm J. Boye. At J. Boye, Guy managed the intranet tracks at conferences in Denmark and North America, moderated groups of intranet experts in the Benelux and provided advice to customers worldwide on topics such as intranet strategy and the ROI of digital workplace projects.


Guy holds Master's degrees in engineering and computer science from Ghent University and from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst (U.S.A.)


Guy also enjoys to travel, visit modern art exhibitions and play a good game of chess.


Find Guy on: LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and SlideShare