It's not about technology, it's about value

ValueIntranet was created exactly for this reason: To help intranet managers to create tangible and measurable business value from their intranet and digital workplace projects.


Is your intranet project suffering from:

  • Lack of senior management support?
  • Low rates of user adoption?
  • Differences of opinion between HR, IT and Communication departments?
  • Too much focus on technology and not on user requirements?


Unless you overcome these hurdles, your project will not deliver its full potential for the organisation.


Together with you, ValueIntranet will create an intranet strategy and roadmap, build a business case for your project and assist you during the implementation and roll-out phases.

Intranet groups

ValueIntranet brings intranet managers from various industries together for regular, face-to-face, moderated group meetings. Group members will discuss intranet case studies, exchange best practices and learn from each other's experience.


Membership of an intranet group is a great way to meet intranet managers from other organisations and see their intranets in action. It's an opportunity to benchmark your current intranet and your future improvement plans against those of your peers.


About ValueIntranet

ValueIntranet has the ambition to become Belgium's leading independent specialist in the areas of intranet and digital workplace.


 Guy Van Leemput


The company is run by Guy Van Leemput. Guy has extensive intranet experience both as a corporate intranet manager at SWIFT and as an intranet consultant with J. Boye.